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I am the author of the Zvonek08 Feline Intelligence, EU, series. Agent Zvonek - a.k.a. Zvonek08 - has had 9 adventures so far. His tenth adventure - Purrsitano - is scheduled for publication later this year. Meow!

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Zvonek08, Feline Intelligence, Czech Republic - Book 1

Book 1 introduces Zvonek - a smart, witty and fast feline who also happens to be Agent Zvonek08 with Feline Intelligence, Czech Republic, to be exact.

All of my books are available in Kindle format but, if you happen to buy a paperback edition, don't forget to buy one of the Zvonek or Metaxza bookmarks with a colour-customized tassel - available at Horton's Craft Shed!
Book 1 - Cat on Thin Ice, Cat Among the Pigeons

Cat on Thin Ice
Excitement in Prague mounts as the city prepares for a hockey game against the Russians. It is a game to celebrate the goodwill between the countries. Feline Intel is alerted when an old enemy is seen in town. News from Brussels confirms suspicions that the happy front is just that, a front. FI is called in when it is known that a cat's life is in grave danger and its them against time to save him.
Cat Among the Pigeons
Life was great on the streets of Strašnice until Zvonek is accused of mercilessly killing pigeons and leaving their ripped bodies strewn all over the street. But its part of a cat’s nature you might say. FI operatives have a code to live by and someone is breaking it, leaving Zvonek to take the blame.
Zvonek08, Feline Intelligence, Czech Republic - Book 2

Agent Zvonek08 with Felne Intelligence, Czech Republic, continues his adventures!

Book 2 - Mau-ow, Return of the Rats, The Miriacle of the Carp.

Zvonek enjoying some down time after a stressful mission with Clawdette at the helm. However, this peace was not to last. Clawdette has a special job for Zvonek – only he can be trusted to do. He discovers she has a secret in her past. What link does it have to the mission? Zvonek needs to know and in his quest ends up with more than just lose ends.
Return of the Rats
A local enemy re-surfaces in Strašnice. The on going struggle for dominance between cat and rat. The rats have the upper hand this time when they snatch one of FI dearest. Will the operatives be able to rescue their own? It's a maze in the rodents' tunnels under Prague, foreign territory for the the felines.
Miracle of the Carp
Christmas is dawning and preparations for cats and humans are under-way. Disaster strikes. The centre of the Czech Christmas dinner is in danger. Stray felines? Or is it more sinister? FI aims to find out to save the strays and Christmas.
Zvonek08, Feline Intelligence, Czech Republic - Book 3

Agent Zvonek08 with Feline Intelligence, Czech Republic, and his adventures continue!

Book 3 - Operation Catwalk, The High Life.

Operation Catwalk
At last the most prestigious event of the year is being held in Prague. The Miss Feline CZ. Zvonek and Honza are looking forward to attending. The five finalists are chosen and The Mau is gearing up for the grand finale. Everything is on schedule when an alert on Vladimir's desk reveals strange happenings around the finalists that could sabotage the competition. Will Zvonek discover who is behind the attacks in time, or will the show just have to go on?
The High Life
Metaxa is suspicious of an elegant tom who arrives in Prague. When she meets him at a dinner with Zvonek and Honza he is witty, rich and appears to like her. Will she be taken in by his charm and wealth, or listen to her inner voice? What is his real connection to the strays and is he connected to Zvonek's latest mission?
Zvonek08, Feline Intelligence, Czech Republic - Book 5

Book 4 is not missing - Anne decided to publish a special christmas edition of The Miracle of the Carp.

Book 5 - Cats in High Water, The Eight Key Committee

Cats in High Water
Prague is experiencing heavy summer rains. The rain continues for days. Tension mounts along with the level of the Vltava as Feline Intelligence reaches out to the save stranded cats. Just as recourses reach its limit a cry of help comes in from the colony of strays in the zoo. The zoo animals are being taken to safety but who will help the stranded felines? Can FI make it in time? Or will the cats be left to help themselves?
The Eight Key Committee
In the midst of preparations for the viewing of The Garnet, an ancient artifact, important to heritage of the feline community of the Czech Republic, a cat goes missing. In their quest to find her, Feline Intel uncovers sinister goings on around the trusted committee of this precious jewel
Standalone and Special Editions

Anne has also published two standalone books. One is the Snow Cat listed below. The other standalone - Book 4 - is a special christmas edition of The Miracle of the Carp.

Snow Cat

Snow Cat - Standalone Legend of the Snow Cat
Legend has it that the forest animals of Krkonoše are protected by a feline presence. Once many, many, many years ago the animals of the forest faced certain danger that would have surely meant death. The event changed the calm and happy routine of the mountains forever, leaving its trace until today.
Snow Cat
Miracle of the Carp - Special Christmas edition cover - standalone issue
The unique cover makes this book a unique and wonderful collectible. Agent Zvonek08's adventure as Christmas is dawning and preparations for cats and humans are under-way. Disaster strikes. The centre of the Czech Christmas dinner is in danger. Stray felines? Or is it more sinister? FI aims to find out to save the strays and Christmas.

A Little About Me

Anne is a South African currently living in Prague. She lives with her two cats Zvonek, who inspired the series, and Metaxza, a feisty young lady who rules the household! Anne works as an English teacher in the city.

Apart from writing, she is an obsessive reader, loves cooking and entertaining her friends. Abhorring cruelty and violence of any kind, she is an animal and children rights activist.

Moving to a landlocked country, after growing up in a coastal city, she has discovered a love for trees and has a balcony garden of flowers and vegetables. She also has a welcome bench for the birds of the area which often try to eat her plants! Neither Zvonek nor Metaxza object to or try to catch these feathered visitors - although the protective fence does help!

Current and Upcoming Projects

Metaxza - The Mews and The Myth
Metaxza's Mewwsings are now available here!

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