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I am the author of the Zvonek08 Feline Intelligence, EU, series. Agent Zvonek - a.k.a. Zvonek08 - has had 6 adventures so far. His seventh adventure - Purrsitano - is scheduled for publication later this year.

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Thanks to the awesome talent of Shalev Man, I have a new profile photo!

Shalev Man is a professional photographer and artist, combining his business skills with an artisitc creative approach to photography. His speciality is Portrait Photography and I think you will agree his artisic skill is clearly demonstrated in my new profile photo! Please visit his website to see the amazing photographs he has taken. Meow!

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A little about Anne

Anne is a South African currently living in Prague. She lives with her two cats Zvonek, who inspired the series, and Metaxza, a feisty young lady who rules the household! Anne works as an English teacher in the city.

Apart from writing, she is an obsessive reader, loves cooking and entertaining her friends. Abhorring cruelty and violence of any kind, she is an animal and children rights activist.

Moving to a landlocked country, after growing up in a coastal city, she has discovered a love for trees and has balcony garden of flowers and vegetables. She also has a welcome bench for the birds of the area which often try to eat her plants! Neither Zvonek nor Metaxza object to or try to catch these feathered visitors - although the protective fence does help!

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